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Commercial Junk Removal Service in Wilmington, NC

Are you on the search for a reliable commercial junk removal service in Wilmington? If so, you might want to

consider WNC Junk-A-Way. Our expert team understands the complications of commercial junk removal and how to work around your needs and schedule.

Why Use a Commercial Junk Removal Service?

If you’re a business that needs to get rid of old furniture or equipment, a commercial junk removal service can be useful. It can haul away items that would otherwise cause clutter. Some might also pose a risk to your clients making you susceptible to potential legal problems. A commercial junk removal service has the tools and knowledge necessary to quickly and safely get the job done.

3 Benefits of a Commercial Junk Removal Service

There is a vast amount of benefits this service offers business owners.

It’s Fast

One of the best perks of a commercial junk removal service is that it’s fast. Many times, a junk removal company can get out and inspect the potential job within a day. In most cases, the task can be completed within a few hours. This way, your workplace and schedule won’t be disrupted for long.

It’s Affordable

A handful of businesses need junk to be removed from their workplace but are concerned that the job could be expensive. While big jobs will usually be a little pricier than smaller ones, overall, the price is budget-friendly. This can help both large and small businesses get clutter removed without overspending.

It’s Versatile

Commercial junk removal can quickly clear away all types of items. This includes everything from old couches to malfunctioning computers. No matter what you need to be removed, a commercial junk service can usually assist you.

How to Tell If a Commercial Junk Removal Service is Reliable

With the vast amount of commercial junk removal businesses available, how can you tell if they’re legitimate? One way to do this is by carefully researching more about them.

Check Their License and Insurance

An important thing to do before hiring a commercial junk removal service is to check their license and insurance. These two items show that they’re registered and protected should something go wrong. It also safeguards you from potential problems. If a junk removal service isn’t licensed or insured, you’ll probably want to pick a different option. This indicates they aren’t legally recognized as a company and could put your office space at risk of damage.

The Payment Plan

Most commercial junk services will have an up-front payment plan. This way, you know what to expect. If the company isn’t clear about its billing, it could become a major hassle. You might end up paying for things you weren’t expecting.

A good commercial junk removal service will always be open about their payment. They’ll also be happy to give you a quote and explain more about how they work.

They Have Good Reviews

Another way to tell if the junk removal service is legitimate is that they have good reviews. This can give you a better idea of how previous customers felt and help you understand what to prepare for.

Commercial Junk Items We Removal

If you need assistance with commercial junk removal, our company would be happy to help. Here is more about our commercial junk services and how we’ll go about removing certain items.

Office Space Cleanouts in Wilmington, NC

Office Furniture Removal

Office space cleanout
We perform office office space cleanout services in the greater Wilmington area

Chair Removal

Do you have a collection of old or broken chairs you need to get rid of? If so, you’re probably at a loss of what to do. Many landfills won’t accept these items because of their size and materials. A handful of chairs often contain metal and toxic glue that could contaminate landfills.

Besides this, if you incorrectly dispose of these items at the dump, you could end up being fined because it could cause environmental damage or be considered trespassing.

We can safely haul chairs away for you. Some include:

  • Office chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Barstools
  • Rocking chairs
  • Massage chairs

No matter how many you need to be removed, our experts will be happy to help. While sometimes we will take certain options to a local landfill, many times we try to find ways to recycle the chairs.

For some chairs, you might need to disassemble them beforehand. However, in most cases, we can do this for you.

Desk Removal

Work desks – they come in numerous shapes, sizes, and materials. Because of this, they can be difficult to dispose of. If they contain certain polishes, a handful of Wilmington dumping grounds might not accept them because they could create environmental damage.

This is where WNC Junk-A-Way can help. Our team can quickly get rid of old desks. We’ll inspect the items and figure out if we need to disassemble them. Depending on how heavy they are, we might also need to remove the desks in small pieces. While you should make sure to clean the desks out before we haul them off, if we notice paperwork or other items inside, we’ll make sure you receive them.

Because office desks are often made of metal or wood, they can be recycled. Once we remove the desks from your headquarters, we’ll drop them off at a recycling center. If they’re in decent condition, we can take them to donation centers or drop them off at schools and non-profit organizations.

Computer Disposal

Computers are tricky to remove. They contain many minuscule pieces and heavy metals that could contaminate the soil. Because of this, they need to be moved with special care.

While one computer can be hard to remove, it can be even more overwhelming if you have a handful you need to get rid of. This is a common problem with businesses who often have multiple computers they need out of their workplace.

Our junk removal company can easily transport these electronic devices safely. However, there are a few things you’ll need to do before we arrive. These include to:

  • Make sure to remove or save data.
  • Remove programs that require you to have a license to run them.
  • Clear your browsing history.

In many cases, we’ll remove your computers but also make sure to destroy its memory drive so any hidden information doesn’t accidentally get passed along.

We’ll then drop your computers off at a recycling plant where they’ll be taken apart and sorted through.

File Cabinet Removal

With most paperwork being filed online now, file cabinets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you’re looking to modernize your office or are tired of looking at old, rusted filing cabinets, you might want to call a junk removal service.

WNC Junk-A-Way can take away various types of file cabinets from your office. These include:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Floor-to-ceiling

To help the job go faster, we’ll usually remove the drawers which could slide out as we carry them away. We’ll also need to unscrew the runners that could extend outward when tilted.

If the file cabinets are attached to the wall, we’ll make sure to carefully unfasten them and sweep up any debris that might have been hidden beneath them.

Once our team picks up your filing cabinets, they’ll transport them to their final destination. Because they’re usually made of recyclable materials, our team will send them over to a recycling center where they’ll be crushed and turned into something new.


Storage drawers go through a lot of wear-and-tear. Over the years, they can start to wear down and be hard to use. If you’re not ready to get rid of the cabinets but need to replace their drawers, a commercial junk removal service can assist you.

Drawers come in a variety of materials. These include:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Wood

These differing substances each have unique disposal needs. Because most are made of natural materials, they can be recycled. However, if they’re plastic or contain other items, like glue, they might have harmful particles in them and need to be taken to an appropriate dumping ground.

WNC Junk-A-Way can assist with this time-consuming task by sending our team out to quickly remove your company’s drawers. While many will easily slide out, we might need to unscrew or strip them off their runners for safe transport. Once we do, we’ll load them on our trucks and drop them off at the correct facilities.

Couch Removal and Disposal

If you notice that your business’s couch is looking worn or if you want to refresh the space, it might be time to call a junk removal service.

Couches can be difficult to transport due to their size and weight. This can be a major problem if you have multiple couches you need to get rid of.

If you need to eliminate couches from your business, WNC Junk-A-Way can help. We’ll send our team out to pick up the furniture and store it inside our large trucks. To ensure that we don’t scratch walls, we’ll disassemble certain pieces that could damage them. We might also wrap the furniture in special cloth so that it doesn’t leave behind marks or get torn during the transport.

Most couches will be sent to local recycling centers. Because they are usually made of wood, metal, and foam, they can easily be refurbished into something else.

Commercial Mattress Removal

If you work in an industry that requires mattresses to be changed, you’ll find that this task is harder than it seems.

Depending on their age and condition, mattresses could be dangerous to remove on your own. If the box springs are poking out or if they have pests living inside them, it could be very difficult to safely dispose of them.

WNC Junk-A-Way can assist those in the hotel, senior living, college, and similar industries by carefully taking these items off your hands.

To transport them, our team will work together to quickly move them into our trucks. If there’s a problem with one, we’ll seal it off or use other means to ensure it’s moved safely. This option is often a much cheaper and efficient mattress removal option for businesses.

Most mattresses will be recycled, but if they’re in good condition, they might be sanitized and then donated.

Printer Removal and Disposal

Printers are another form of e-waste that can be tricky to get rid of. Many contain solvents that can contaminate areas if they’re not properly disposed of. Besides this, they can sometimes be bulky which can make them troublesome to transport, especially if you have many to get rid of.

In most cases, landfills won’t accept printers because of their non-biodegradable materials. Our service works alongside local recycling facilities that will remove printer parts and repurpose them. Once everything is taken, components left behind will be smashed and formed into new devices.

Before we head over to your workplace, make sure to delete any internal information stored on the printers. You might also want to check that paper and ink cartridges are out. This will help us remove the printers faster.

Our team will carefully carry the printers out of the office space. Depending on how small they are, we might need to wrap the devices in towels to prevent scratching the walls or surrounding objects.

Copy Machines Removal and Disposal

Copy machines can be a hassle to get rid of. Most are bulky and can be tough to budge on your own. They’re also composed of various pieces that can get damaged if the machine isn’t correctly moved.

If you need copy machines to be transported out of your workplace, contact WNC Junk-A-Way. We’ll do a quick inspection of the copy machines and give you an estimate on how much it will cost and how long it will take to move them. We can then schedule an appointment for our team to head out and remove them.

During the removal process, the copy machines will be slightly disassembled This will prevent parts from flapping around as they’re moved.

A majority of copy machines can be recycled. We’ll take them to a local facility that can inspect them and determine if the pieces are adequate for future usage. If not, they’ll then be properly disposed of.

Cubicle Removal

Many offices no longer use cubicles. While some are put away in storage, many business owners tend to be at a loss for how to properly dispose of them, especially since they’re incredibly heavy and large.

Our junk removal service can easily haul away many types of cubicles. These include:

  • Modular
  • Group workstations
  • Room dividers
  • Zip-up panels

We can visit your job location to give you a customized estimate on how long and how much the project will take. Once approved, we’ll set up an appointment.

When they arrive at the site, our technicians will inspect the pieces and determine the right way to disassemble or transport them. While some can be folded, others might need to be cut so they can be safely hauled through your office.

After moving the cubicles our team will then venture back inside to double-check the site. They’ll remove any lingering debris to ensure that the space is spotless.

If you are in need of office space cleanout companies services in Wilmington, NC, we are here to help. We will get your space cleaned out quickly so you can have it available to rent in no time.

ATM Removal

How do you get rid of an ATM? It’s a question many companies ask.

Most ATMs are built to last at least seven years. However, because of their wide usage, they tend to wear down quickly, especially if they run into issues like having a faulty dispenser or software glitches.

WNC Junk-A-Way can transport ATMs from various locations. Some include:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants

After you set up an appointment, our team will arrive and get to work removing this device. They’ll disconnect it from the floor and carefully transport it into one of our large trucks.

While it’s important to check your ATM before we arrive, we’ll double-check it just to be on the safe side. If we find money or private information still loaded inside, we’ll make sure to notify you.

Once the ATM is cleared, we’ll ship it to a recycling center where it will be revamped or melted down.

Construction Site Cleanup

If you’re a construction owner, you probably already know the hassles that construction site waste can cause. Many times, the items can clutter the site and make it hard for machines to maneuver around them. If you’re renovating or demolishing an old building, you risk harmful materials, like asbestos and lead, sitting out and contaminating the site. This is why a junk removal service can be beneficial.

There are many items that a commercial junk removal service can haul away from the construction site. These include:

  • Bricks
  • Cement
  • Nails
  • Wood
  • Scrap metal
  • Plastic
  • Electrical wiring

Because some of these items can be hazardous, a junk removal service needs to be careful at transporting them to the appropriate dumping center.

In most cases, construction waste will be taken to a special industrial landfill. This site is specifically designed for construction debris. It can also safely hold toxic materials that would otherwise seep into the ground and cause contamination. A few times, materials like bricks could be salvageable and instead sent to recycling centers.

How a commercial junk removal service cleans up construction waste will vary. Sometimes, junk removal technicians will need to clean a certain area around the construction site. Other times, construction workers will pile the debris together so all the technicians need to do is sort through it and put the debris into their truck.

To make things easier, a dumpster can be placed on the site. Workers can throw debris into it and then call the junk removal service when it’s full.

If you need a reliable and affordable commercial junk removal service for your construction site, WNC Junk-A-Way can help. Our professionals are trained in how to correctly dispose of heavy and sometimes dangerous construction waste. This way, you can stay on schedule and keep your site clean.