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Hoarding may be extremely harmful to your home, mental state, and health. Hoarding dangers may involve bug infestations, mold growth, tripping hazards, and structural damage. Hoarding has also been known to cause stress and anxiety, overwhelm the mind, as well as drain energy levels. This is why you may need to consider professional hoarder cleanouts ASAP. If you’re considering cleaning a hoarding situation there are some things you ought to keep in mind.

Professional Hoarder Cleanouts Made Easy

Hoarding comes in different forms. Some keep everything, even junk mail and trash. Some keep everything but garbage. Either way, WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC will help you out. Does your house have so much junk and clutter spread around that you cannot even walk through your own house, sit on the furniture or lay in the bed? Do you need a service to assist in separating all your clutter and junk to make your house more organized and livable? Our junk removal experts will help make all of that clutter vanish. Cleaning, lifting, moving and getting rid of all that clutter may be a daunting project.

Our expert hoarder cleanout removal professionals are compassionate, understanding, and respectful of the fact that hoarding may be such a challenging situation and your privacy always is kept confidential.

WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC offers a safe and easy hoarder’s removal and clean-up service, so you do not have to be concerned with the disposal of or pick up of these old items. We’ll remove every unwanted item from your home without you lifting a finger. All eligible items are donated or recycled.

Trash and junk quickly can overtake your garage, basement, or home, and are frequently too much to clean on your own. Why not alleviate all of that concern and stress and have our expert hoarder clean-out removal crew remove all of your unwanted worries and items?

Potential Health Hazards of Hoarding

Hoarding may cause health problems. Mold may grow in spaces that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Mold spores are harmful to people with allergies, and for the ones who do not have allergies, may still cause breathing difficulties. Pest infestations may be harmful to your health.

Some insects are harmful just from their bite, like Lyme disease from ticks or the West Nile virus from mosquitos, and other bugs may spread and carry bacteria like Salmonella and E. coli. Cockroaches may contribute to childhood allergies and asthma, spread bacteria, and rapidly grow in population.

Hoarding also can bring infestations of rodents like rats and mice that also can bring diseases, bacteria, and viruses like the Hantavirus which may be deadly. Unsanitary conditions may be especially harmful for those who are immunocompromised, as animal or human feces may spread airborne bacteria.

Urine may increase levels of ammonia to harmful levels of exposure to the ones who have respiratory or cardiac conditions. The more common issues with hoarding are tripping hazards which may fracture hips or cause broken bones especially in seniors. According to the CDC, over 25,500 elderly adults died from unintentional slips and falls.

 Clutter Can Be Dangerous

Apart from tripping hazards, clutter may be a deathtrap. Piles of clutter may fall then block paths to travel around a house or block airflow, which causes either low oxygen levels or cold air on warm days. Clutter may block other airways or fall on vents, which causes a lack of oxygen and raises levels of carbon dioxide. It might be extremely harmful because a hoarder may not sense breath difficulty until it’s too late. Heavier clutter also can fall on a hoarder and possibly injure them or trap them beneath a clutter pile.

Cleaning Hazards

The process of cleaning also can be harmful, and the right preparation must be considered. Mold spores might be released into the air and then breathed in. Insects may scatter if their habitats get disturbed and may bite the person who disturbed them, or the ones close by.

Insect bites may contain either dangerous bacteria or venom, and additionally carries the harm of becoming infected. There’s a risk that water or mold damage might’ve weakened a structure and as the space gets cleaned, might collapse. Cleaners may be hazardous if there is not sufficient airflow to carry the noxious odor away.

For that reason, it is an excellent idea to have the professionals assist with the process of cleaning. Professionals like pest control, exterminators, and contractors (if you suspect structural damage or mold) must be consulted to evaluate any possible dangers before the project of cleaning starts.

Hoarding cleaning businesses are experienced in cleaning hoarding circumstances and have skill with all the dangers related to hoarding. Hoarding cleaning businesses may review the situation and know if a professional like an exterminator, pest control or contractor is needed in the process of cleanup. The process may be dangerous and must be meticulously planned out concerning the aforementioned dangers. No matter the cause of hoarding, we will handle the situation sensitively and efficiently. Whether the home is yours, a loved ones, a clients, or a home you purchased, we are here to assist you. Contact us to get started with your hoarder cleanout.