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Shed removal service and shed demolition service

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Shed Removal Service in Wilmington, NC

 It is simple for sheds to become cluttered and messy over a period of time. What may have begun with simply a few garden and

Old shed to be removed
We demolished and removed this old shed in Wilmington

lawn tools, may rapidly lead to a shed that is overcrowded with junk. If you have a shed that’s full of unwanted materials or you’re searching for shed removal altogether, WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC can help!

Make your shed removal and tear down process easy with WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC. We are junk removal professionals. We will handle all of the heavy lifting by removing all unwanted junk from inside the shed and loading it inside our trucks. If it is time for your shed to be torn down then removed, we’re also able to take care of that.

What size sheds does WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC remove?

There are different sizes of sheds and the larger they are, the more effort it’ll take to tear them down. The experts at WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC have the ability to remove small to mid-sized sheds if it may be safely removed by two people without any special equipment. Our truck crew members perform an on-site, no obligation quote so you’ll know precisely what you will be paying.

How much will it cost to remove the shed?

The average cost for a shed removal runs from $200 to $2,000. Shed removal and tear down prices are influenced by 3 factors: the way the shed was anchored and built, the shed’s condition, and the shed’s location.

Location of shed

The cost fluctuates if the location of the shed in your yard is hard to reach or causes hardships during its teardown.

Condition of the shed

The shed’s condition can vastly influence the price to remove. Newly built sheds are more challenging to demolish than older sheds which have been rotting away. If the shed is still in great shape, we suggest trying to sell it before you commit to a teardown.

Foundation of the shed

The price of shed removal will vary depending upon the kind of foundation which holds the shed in place. If there are cement anchor points, it’ll be more expensive to remove than sheds that sit on the ground. Plus, if the shed is wired with electricity, it might increase the price to demolish it.

Shed Removal Process

Shed removal and teardown ought to be left to the professionals. Here is the process.

  1. Disconnect the shed’s electricity. The last thing we want is a fast jolt when we are hard at work; therefore, we’ll ensure the electricity is fully turned off.
  2. Remove the shed’s windows. We will begin by removing the trim around the exterior and interior of the windows. We’ll carefully take off the frame pieces and window sashes before we pry the window and frame from its wall.
  3. Remove the shed’s doors. We’ll close the doors and use a hammer and nail to pop the hinge pins out. When the hinge pins come out, we’ll put a tarp underneath the door then remove it. We’ll put the door on the tarp if it is too heavy for us to manage.
  4. Raise the shed’s roof. We’ll carefully take off the roof’s shingles. Once it’s stripped, we’ll disassemble the roof’s framework by taking out the nails holding it in place.
  5. Break down the shed’s walls. Using a handsaw, we’ll cut into one of the walls from top to bottom to develop a starting point. Using either our hands or hammer, we’ll remove the drywall, one part at a time. When the drywall gets removed, we’ll start to disassemble the exterior walls.
  6. Break down or rip up the shed’s floor. The final step of shed demolition involves ripping the wood flooring up or breaking down its concrete slab. A flooring tool and a pry bar will work to pry floorboards and nails.

Old Shed Clean-out

WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC are the junk removal professionals. We will take care of all of the heavy lifting and remove all of your unwanted junk directly from inside the shed and load it into the truck. Our aim includes making the process of junk removal simple for you. Whether it is bikes, old tools, or virtually anything else you no longer want, call us and we will haul it away.

How does our service work?

  1. Contact us for your no-contact shed removal service online or call.
  2. Our uniformed, friendly truck crew will call you 15 to 30 minutes before your mutually arranged 2-hour appointment window to allow you to know precisely when you should expect us.
  3. When we get there, we will take a look at the materials you need to be removed and give you an all-inclusive, up-front price.
  4. We will remove your materials, ensuring to only make contact with the items we are hauling away, and sweep the space. We take care of properly disposing of the debris. Then, we will collect payment when the project is finished.
  5. Enjoy the extra space! You now have more room in your yard to enjoy, or the space needed for a new shed!