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People in America have a difficult time letting their stuff go. Around 1 in ten households rents a storage unit

Storage unit clean out
We performed clean out services on this self storage facility unit

according to the most recent Self-Storage Association survey. Only 1 in 17 households rented a storage unit in 1995.

Stuffed inside most of these storage units are everything from used clothes and textbooks to wall hangings and couches that might someday be useful again.

The issue, though, is that storage units can be expensive. The average monthly expense of a climate-controlled space is predicted to reach $1.63/sq. ft. this year. That means you might spend almost $2,000 in a single year for the most popular 10’ x 10’ storage unit. In higher price regions a typical cost for this space increases to $2,500 (in LA) to over $3,700 (in NYC).

Storage units are meant to act as temporary storage solutions for valuables you do not need to regularly access. But many folks usually keep adding things which may lead to a pile up of junk. Before too long, you may wind up with a storage unit that is full of possessions you will never again use. If that sounds like your unit, it is time to clean it out and ensure that you aren’t paying for space you do not need.

Storage clean-outs do not need to be strenuous. As a matter of fact, you do not even need to lift a finger! Our team at WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC may deal with any storage unit removal project, no matter how big or small the size.

Get Rid of Stuff in Your Storage Unit

Are you considering cleaning out your storage unit and wondering where you should begin? Thankfully, storage clean-outs may be straightforward if you remain organized. Follow these steps for tips on how to get started:

  1. Get in the proper cleaning mood: If you have not cleared out your unit in quite some time, there is a chance that you have forgotten which items are stored inside. You first should set some time apart to get the job done and know that some sentimental valuables might elicit some emotions. It also is great to have one other helper if there’s a ton of clutter to sift through.
  2. Take inventory of possessions inside: Once you open your storage unit, give the area a fast scan and jot down which kinds of valuables are inside. It’ll help determine how much time you’ll need.
  3. Create separate piles while sorting: To assist you in staying organized, it’s useful to separate stuff by category into various piles. Three piles you ought to create are throw out, donate, and keep. At the end of this step, storage spaces ought to be clear of clutter.
  4. Obtain expert storage clean-out services: There are several companies offering storage unit clean out services like WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC. If there’s an overwhelming quantity of clutter to sift through or some larger items needing to be picked up, it’s better to contact a junk removal service. It’ll ensure that the possessions are removed safely. Contact us today to get started.
  5. Contact donation facilities: If there are things which are still in great condition, you ought to donate them to the nearest donation organization or thrift store near you. It assists with landfill diversion and makes sure that your items go to a second home!
  6. Clean your storage unit on a routine basis: To keep your unit free of clutter and make future cleaning a lot easier, make certain that you organize your possessions so they easily can be found.

Expert Storage Unit Cleaning Made Easy

The junk removal crew of WNC Junk-A-Way in Wilmington, NC will arrive and fully clean out your unit for you. We’ll separate all your possessions in the unit, and you tell our team what should stay and what should go. We’ll load up all of the items you wish to keep into your truck or neatly stack them back into the storage unit. Removing all of those old possessions may be a big hassle and inconvenience and are frequently too much to clean on your own. Storage unit facility owners and tenants trust us to clean out their units.

Why not alleviate all that concern and stress and get our expert junk removal crew to remove your unwanted worries and items? We are here to help your storage unit cleanout, as well as with all of your commercial and residential junk removal service needs.

How does our storage unit cleanout service work?

  1. Arrange your junk removal on the internet or call us.
  2. Our uniformed, friendly truck team is going to give you a call 15 to 30 minutes before the scheduled two-hour window to allow you to know precisely when you should expect us.
  3. Once we arrive, we will look at the possessions you need removed and give you with an all-inclusive, up-front price.
  4. We will remove your possessions, ensuring to just touch those items we are taking away, and we’ll sweep the area. Then, we will collect payment when the project is done.